Monday, June 22, 2009

My updated adventures..

so I've not updated this thing in a long time, mostly due to facebook taking over. I realize that my life has become a lot more adventurous lately so I figured it would be time to update those memories on here! I've been keeping a written journal but I want to put some of it on here, maybe add some pictures or two, a video here or there, you get the picture.

Here's what I've done since my Colorado trip:

1. I started a staff newsletter at my work.

2. Went snow shoeing at manning and cypress (saw the sunset over vancouver and look down on the moonlit ocean from up on the mountain.

3. Decided to quit my job and move to vancouver to work at VGH (I start Aug.10th). i get to live with my best friend and 4 other young women!

4. Went to LOts of concerts in Vancouver and did SO much driving back and forth from Chilliwack and Van (I was seeing a guy there plus i've been reconnecting with my twin sister and her husband and visiting my best friend.

5. I just celebrated my 30th birthday and went VEGAS this past weekend with my family and Melissa (my best friend).

Camping at Deer lake with friends

On one of my walks near my house, watching the ducks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boulder, Co day 2

Well i was pretty tired out while in Boulder as it took me 1 1/2 hrs of cycling to get into town- I took an old country road and then followed the Boulder river trail which led me to the University of Colorado campus. I then bike further into town to get some lunch at "the Laughing Goat"- as I walked in there were at least 5 ppl on their mac laptops on the left side of the cafe, with another 5 ppl on the right on their pc laptops. I took a lame pic of the mac side and sat in the middle. I saw so many university-type ppl with their books and computers and dressed in their eco-friendly emo-like decor. I felt like I wasn't the weird one anymore- maybe i fit in a little bit...(maybe it was like a transplant of ethical addictions abbotsford brought to colorado).
Next stop was Pearl st open air mall where you can walk down several blocks and there are no cars or buses allowed, just pedestrians. I walked and shopped a bit, picking up a few souvenirs. I got a short video clip of a guy playing on the piano in the center of it all with all the leaves falling around with the colors of autumn immersed everywhere. It was stunning. I met a guy named Jacob, a photographer and got him to take a pic of me with my camera in the square. We started chatting and walking and before I knew it he was snapping photos of me with his camera. I felt like a beautiful model/muse in the midst of a stunning atmosphere.

Next stop was the Dushanbee tea house- it was a sit down restaurant with good tea- I had the mint tea which I wish I had tried something different and new but hey I can't always be so adventurous I needed to taste something familiar.

Oh I forgot to mention the university student I met named Mike- when I told him I was from BC he promptly asked me if I wanted to "smoke up" with him and his roomate. I told him I didn't know what that meant, then when he told me I said I don't smoke marijuana- i don't need it I'm chill enough already- he seemed surprised. He thought everyone in BC smoked weed. I'm pretty sure our weed is better than his anyways....

I then got info and had a "self-guided" tour of Boulder Community hospital, a gorgeous facility I'd love to work in- it's independently-run- maybe the kind of hospital i hope to work at in the future after I moved to Colorado which I totally want to now!!

I took the bus back to Layfayette after I had a nap under a tree at Chautauqua- and area with hiking and grassy hills, lot of trees and some historic buildings. I'd spent most of the day on ingrid's bike so I was pretty tired, i went straight to meet her at the bank where she works and we went out for dinner with her co-workers. Another late night....

Colorado Springs- day 3

I was up at 530 am for this trek. Today I drove Joel's car so I was a little nervous but at the same time feeling free to go to some places I planned to see. After dropping Joel at work i headed south I-25 down to Colorado Springs - took me 1 hr and 45 mins to get to Garden of the gods.

GOTG- beautiful- tons of acres filled with the red-colored rock in huge mountains and small works of natural art- and it's not even man-made! There was lots of birds out, the parking lot had only 2 vehicles parked as it was 845 am when I arrived.

There were lots of pigeons that lives in these rock crevasses, they're the only bird of the recognized species that sticks around for the winter. Most ppl consider this a very common, nothing special kind of bird, however, it makes the most curious sounds that draws you to it. Ppl would stop in their tracks to find out where this sound was coming from, and when they discovered it was "just a pigeon" they were disappointed. One woman said "oh, that's too bad" on finding out it was a pigeon, not some exotic colorado bird....I am thinking this can apply to us as people how feel in God's presence, in His great expanse that we are simply a little pigeon that doesn't belong here (in God's presence), and we live like this rather than as sons and daughters of the Most High. Romans 8:14-17

Next stop was Mannitou springs, the visitor info guy loaded me up with pamphets and he wanted me to stay for a week- I told him I only had one day....Well I went to most of the springs and tasted the mountain mineral waters- they called "healing water" it's full of calcium, magnesium, lithium, ect and many other useful minerals. And drinking the water was free! I'd like to see a study of the people of Mannitou springs that daily consume this water to see if their healthier than most of us. I'd be curious to see if there was a difference. The water tasted like perrier water. I had some locally-made ice cream and then headed back to drive through old Colorado City.

From there I went to Cave of the winds, paid 19 dollars to have a tour of the underground caves, it was 45 mins, very entertaining and interested on the part of our tour guide. There was a couple of screaming toddlers (really who brings their little kids to caves- I'd have night mares for life!) I got my pic taken down there it's really cool.

Last stop was Focus on the Family headquarters- within 5 minutes I'd met Jim Daley, president of FOTF- and I had no clue who he was I was chatting with him cause he was doing a book signing and I had a lengthly conversation with him about chocolate and how I really feel about it...ahhhh I'm glad I had no idea who he was, it was better than way:) I had a tour of the facility and I was the only one on the tour but some ppl joined us later as Dr.James Dobson was in his studio broadcasting live- I took a pic and waved at him- just for you Mom and Dad...oh and the best part was seeing "Whit's end" full of these imagination rooms, one them was the lion, the witch and the wardrobe room complete with the wardrobe with a fur coat, leading into a little room representing Narnia- so magical as I sat and listened to the radio broadcast of the story by CS Lewis. Oh and I stopped by the soda shop too-
When I have kids I am bringing them here we could spend hours of fun here!

Denver- day 1

Parts of of it reminded me of Europe, like cherry creek that leads into the Plett river on my way to REI. I thought it was a fake creek though it was beautiful I could've sworn I smelt a hint of chlorine. My tour of the US mint was mostly lame/non-interesting other than the beautiful architecture and meeting a cool couple from Alberta while I was in line. I don't really care how pennies are made and I'm not a mad coin collector.

I met lots of wonderful, friendly people. Including the owner of "Triage" not a medical supply store as i thought- it sold high end men's suits and ties, ect. The owner, David was really nice and helpful. I bought a copy of the Denver Voice- a newspaper helping the homeless get off the stress by contributing stories and selling the paper themselves. I contributed $5 I had found earlier on the back of a toilet I used at the bus station. I called it my "toilet money" I didn't realize/know if that was the actual bill I gave the guy but it went to a good cause.

I loved the Denver Art Museum from the architecture to the modern sculpures and artwork, the paintings of Colorado were beautiful. Of course there was some shocking pieces, but isn't there always something shockworthy in art museums? sometimes I feel I am too numbed to the the truth of art.

i had a "cob" salad, really just a chef salad at quizno's - yum.

So many bicycles, runners and people who love nature- especially at REI as I sit writing this. i hear Colorado has 300 days of sunshine in a year- what am I doing in the west coast- I need to move here the weather is AMAZING! Maybe, I'll see what's in the future for me.

one more random story is the security guy at the us mint who told me I couldn't bring in my bag with me for the tour but that they couldn't store it for me and I had no options as I had no where to put it- then he winks as me and tells me "you know there are some REALLY good books on the 5th floor or the library, you should check it out......and I'm thinking why is this guy winking at me and talking about books when that doesn't solve my problem here!? Then after he repeated this over and over- I finally got it -- I went there to solve this "mystery" and found free lockers right there by the study carolls! he couldn't say anything b/c he was on camera and apparently not supposed to tell ppl about this "secret spot"... well I should be detective now- I picked up on his code.....

nect entry to comoe: Boulder (where I sit in a coffee shop here writing this...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Latest adventures

it's been some time since I've posted on here. Here's what's new: I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing- yeah! I have been working full-time in palliative and acute medicine. That basically means I take care of people who are dying, along with people who are acutely ill, most of whom get better, some get worse. I love it, but it gets political sometimes and the work is physically and emotionally draining but it's rewarding because I didn't work my butt off in nursing school to do something I never liked anyways. I am learning to love and appreciate it with every set I work. I admire the folks I work with they do an amazing job and put up with a lot of crap and still show up.

I also have been enjoying seeing my bible study group grow every week- we have up to 7 of us right now. We are young women in our 20's who lead busy lives and we make an effort to get together once a week to study God's word, to encourage each other and lift each other up. We are getting to know each other so well we can challenge each other. I look forward to it- love you ladies! at my birthday party at the Vaut

celebrating our birthday together- jennica and I

My little sister is getting married sept 20th- so I get to be a bridesmaid along with Jennica:) My mom is making these fabulous chocolate brown satin dresses and we'll be outdoors in the Okanagan for it!

I moved into my own apartment and it's been fun- i do lots of cooking and entertaining. I am learning lots and I hope to get to know my neighbors soon as it's a brand new building and lots of young people moving in. I am thinking about hosting a little party. Here's some pics:

at my housewarming party
doing winery tours part of my 10 yr high school reunion

I have been getting more energy lately so I am wanting to do rock climbing again, and want to join a drop-in sport group like volleyball. I would like to try to start a women's drop-in floor hockey night at my church.
in victoria this summer

well that's all I have for now, hope everyone's having a great summer!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

almost there....

at the top of windy joe

so my final day for nursing school is may 2nd 2008- that's soon! All I have to do is finish my last paper and continue to work 12 hour shifts full time for free (plus paying to work there- cause, hey, it's school). I got hired at the hospital I'm preceptoring at- so excited! Sounds like I will be working full-time (hopefully into a perm.. position right away). I will be looking to rent a place of my own- I've been living with friends of mine and their 2 little boys in a house with a nice yard and garden, the thought of moving to an apartment makes me a little sad cause I love living in a house, doing yard work, ect. Well, I will be helping out in the backyard at the house even after i move out cause i love it so much.

I have been trying to have somewhat of a life in between working full-time and writing papers and assignments. In the last 3 months I have been sick 3 times! I am currently getting over the flu (influenza- a bad combo for an asthmatic like me) despite having the flu shot :( Last month I had the stomach flu and then a cold.....and in jan I had a cold. I bought some vitamins to take but I hate taking pills- I really feel for patients a the hospital who have a hard time choking down those pills- especially those horse pill sized antibioitics and multvitamins- seriously can they BE any bigger.

I also joined the chilliwack hiking club and did a 5 1/2 hr snow shoe trek up windy joe in manning park. It was a beautiful day- sun shining, then showing, then sun, at the top it was foggy and snowing so not much of a view but an awesome accomplishment to have made it to the top- it was my first "hike" of the season. I'd like to do more tennis this spring and summer- last summer I couldn't do much with my foot surgery.

So- anyone have any ideas about how I celebrate finishing 4 yrs of nursing school?? My class is going out for dinner and dancing on may 2nd should be fun- I hope to bring my twin sis- Jennica, it's fun to play tricks on my class mates and have her pretend to be me- it gets most of them everytime!

I write my RN exam on june 4th in surrey, so do pray for me on that day- I will be prepared and do lots of studying but I don't feel too anxious at this point besides the fact it's an 8 hr exam (lunch break after 4 hrs) and it's all multiple choice.....good and bad but hey I'll take it. It the last hoop I'll have to jump through for now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's been awhile, I don't know if anyone even notice though...

I just wrote my last final for nursing this morning! who hooo! That's the last one I will write for the nursing program (except for the 8 hour RN exam in June that's province-wide). So, I am one exam away from being done this semester (I have a philosophy final tomorrow). I will be heading off on Friday to Regina to meet my family (by plane) where my younger sister will be graduating from RCMP Depot training. For some reason I am really excited to be in Regina, last I heard it was -11 Celcuis, no doubt they have snow~ I am also planning to donate blood my first morning there- it's blocks away from my hotel! I can't convince my twin sister to donate, apparently she gets queasy (sounds like some of my other friends....). There are in desperate need for blood donations especially during the christmas season.

oh and i will be preceptoring in palliative care (taking care of the dying) it's my final practicum where I have a preceptor/mento nurse I work with full time- 12 hour shifts for 16 weeks. All for free - as in I'm not getting paid.... I work my last few undergrad (paid) shifts this christmas break.

A funny note about this semester- so I taught about 70 grade 10 students (35 at a time) about sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDs and how to protect themselves, mostly scared them with my graphic pictures and shocking statistics and facts. I was teaching in a small auditorium! So- picture me teaching with these giant disgusting pictures on the projection screen! I had a box of 144 condoms and I handed out at least half of the box, now i had been storing them in my room, and put a bunch in these cute paper things that folded with the condom inside- it included some facts and pics of how to put on a condom. Well, over the last couple of weeks I keep finding condoms in weird places in my room! Under my bed, behind my dressser. I had my guy friend over and I think seeing all these condoms make him a little uncomfortable! So many condoms for someone who is definately NOT having sex ( I choose to be a virgin for now, I am waiting for the right one to marry...)

Other than that I plan to go snow shoeing at Manning park after christmas (before I start my preceptorship), and I hope to do something fun for New Years, so if anyone has a fabulous party to invite me to call me! or better yet- blog me!

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas season spent with people you love. Be safe, be merry, and blessed!